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In the era of ever-changing lifestyle and purchasing habits, it is very difficult to find a company that truly offers best quality products at best prices. That is, until now.

Meet It’s a brand new kind of an online experience offered by ESR USA Holdings, Inc., an independent subsidiary of a globale-commerce leader ESR International.

Ever since the company was founded and incorporated in California in January of 2019, we have been offering most potent nutraceutical products and most effective functional cosmetic products, and as part of its expansion effort, in March of 2020, we have added designer brand luxury handbags imported directly from Italy.

We plan to continuously add variety of quality products, and our ambitious goal is to make a one-stop shopping experience where you can satisfy all your shopping needs.

Enjoy your shopping here, and rest assured that we are here to serve you and your needs.

Joseph H. Chung
CEO, ESR USA Holdings, Inc.

About the Company


ESR International, an e-commerce distribution company that operates an online shopping mall, was founded on February 19, 2018, after 2 years of preparation.

Following the successful launch in Korea, ESR USA Holdings Inc. was incorporated in California on January 28, 2019, with the help of its president, Joseph Chung. Joseph has gained extensive experience over 20 years in running high-tech businesses in the heart of San Jose’s Silicon Valley and believes in the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, and is committed to holding a strong global business in a rapidly moving industry. ESR USA Holdings Inc.’s headquarters is located at The Source Mall in Buena Park, California and continues to grow daily as we incorporate new marketing strategies and make great efforts to care for our customers’ health and happiness from all over the world.

In a short two years of operation, ESR has expanded its operations into 18 countries and incorporated 14 subsidiaries. It offers both domestic and overseas products at a lower price than the market price with the direction of its Chairman Hong Gyun Lee, whose belief is to empower the members to become the owners of the company.

Company Roadmap


For You Luxury continues to grow daily and is excited to share our future plans with you as we continue to update our website. One of our latest projects was to launch luxury designer handbag lines into our shopping mall, where our customers can purchase at the lower price than the department stores or any other boutique stores. We have successfully launched this mid-March 2020.

We have many other projects that will coincide with the growth of the company, one of which is to go public, and we will update the information on this website as they become closer to reality.

*All sales are final.*
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